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Pascal’s Pensees, 5 years on

Before October 25th, 2010, I had no social media presence whatsoever – I wasn’t on Twitter, didn’t have a blog and G+ wasn’t around yet. Frankly, it hadn’t occurred to me before, but it was one of the requirements to … Continue reading

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Why I am not continuing this online argument

I started our exchange in a spirit of friendship and respectful exploration. I hoped that we could maybe learn something. The reason I’m now discontinuing it is that I realize that this specific communication can no longer be meaningfully characterized … Continue reading

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A primer on the neuroscience of happiness

The age old question of what makes for a happy life is of great interest to almost anyone who is in fact alive. A classic answer, building on Aristotelian notions of happiness, is provided by Charles Murray who points out … Continue reading

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Coming to the US of A – 10 years on

I find it hard to believe, but ten years ago today, I arrived in the US for the very first time. I find it worth reflecting on this – personally quite meaningful and memorable – anniversary. And I do remember … Continue reading

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In eigener Sache: The attractor structure of logarithmic iterations in the complex plane

I decided to post my explorations in empirical mathematics on arXiv. This was done in the same spirit as the work that led to the Eagleman prize back in 2006. At some point, I will have to prettify the plots … Continue reading

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